Life Update + New Years Resolutions

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & a Happy New Year! I thought I’d post a family/life up date, plus my New Years resolutions for my very first post in 2018. πŸ˜€

I’ll start off by saying that my family and I have had a great year full of fun, family and lots of laughs. Although their has been a few hiccups along the way, it’s been a great year that I have been very thankful for.

High Points of 2017

  • Husband and I celebrated 4 years of marriage & 11 years total together. Woop woop!! I’ll be the first to say marriage is no cake walk. So I thought I would brag about our little milestone this past year. We are coming up on five years of marriage in June!! Sometimes it seems like yesterday and other times it seems like a lifetime ago. Being married is not always easy but it’s SO worth it. πŸ™‚
  • Maddie turned 3 and started day care. I say every age is my favorite but three is really becoming my favorite age. Maddie says the craziest things, she’s super active and just a very happy kid. Having kids makes everything more special. Starting day care for her was a huge step and a great one to get her around more kiddos. Being a stay home mommy she tended to miss out on the social interactions that day care provides. It’s something she adjusted well too and that she looks forward too.
  • Trips. This year was full of fun trips. Mostly they were trips to see family and even a couple of trips to the coast. I am a family oriented person. I’m very close to my family but they live far away, so making time to see them is one of my biggest priorities. So this year felt like we really got to make that happen.:) Every trip this year was very memorable, especially the ones to the coast. I love getting to see the ocean. It’s so relaxing and just recharges you. I hope this next year we can have even more trips! πŸ˜‰
  • Snow on my birthday! Even though this might sound like no big deal to some, this was a big deal this year. In Central Texas it never snows and if it does its more like ice. But this year (on my birthday I might add) we had the best layer of perfect snow. Everyone was so surprised to have a snow day in early December in Central Texas. It was a first for my daughter and for our three crazy dogs. The snow came and went but we enjoyed it as much as we could.
  • Maddie got a new baby cousin. Probably the biggest change this year was getting to meet Maddie’s new cousin back in February, Miss Lindi. Her very first, first cousin! It was great to welcome a new baby in the family and see how Maddie adjusted. At first she was so excited, and then not so excited. :/ Now that she has gotten a little older Maddie can really interact and play with her, which she loves. It’s so cute to see Maddie’s maternal side come out.

Going INTO 2018

  • New job- That’s right, I will not be a stay at home mommy anymore. I am starting a new job very soon, and I’m starting to get excited. Not only will I be working full time, I get to take my daughter to work with me everyday. In other words I’ll be her teacher!! What?! It was a job I just couldn’t refuse. I’m so excited but a little nervous about the transition for the both of us.
  • New Washer & Dryer– This is how you know I am getting old. Yes, I get excited about new appliances. πŸ™‚ Josh and I received the best gift this year for Christmas… a brand new washer and dryer!! This might not be exciting to some, but for us this is a BIG deal. The past year our washer and dryer has been on the fritz and if anyone has had washer and dryer issues then you feel my pain. So I never thought I say this but I can’t wait to do laundry πŸ™‚
  • Looking for Land- Something that is always our minds is finding a nice piece of property we can call home. To be able to stretch out and have tons of room to roam. It’s something my husband has always wanted and now I’m getting the property bug as well. We have been looking for a while, but the tough part is finding land in the right location for the right price. So maybe this is the year!


1. Eat Healthy– This is one resolution I know everyone makes (including myself) every year and breaks it within about a week. This is one resolution I really want to focus on. I’m making a plan and I’m sticking with it!! Wish me luck!

2. Get Organized– I’ll be the first to admit I am not cleaner. I hate cleaning!! I mean my blog is called one haute mess for a reason. I procrastinate as much as possible, but this year I am really trying to change that. Having things unorganized isn’t the best way to live. It feels so much better when everything is in the right place. So getting the house organized is a big goal of mine this year.

3. Make a Baby– …say what?! Β Haha at first I was going to keep this one private BUT then I realized you know what, I may as well be honest. There is no shame in saying the things you want out loud. This is something that Josh and I have been thinking about for over a year. So yes, another little Mitchell baby would be a wonderful addition to our family in 2018 —-> so fingers crossed.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?!

Coloring Mixing Grinch Painting

Happy Monday!! I am so excited to finally post this! It’s been a while since my last, what I like to call, “mommy” post or kid friendly post I should say. I was totally inspired by Sheryl from Teaching 2 and 3 year olds for this fun activity. It’s all about a no mess painting that is fun and educational for your little one. I love the idea that this is a hands on activity but all the mess is contained in a Ziploc baggy.This was a definite hit with my three year old daughter. We did this about a week ago and she is still talking about it. It’s a great way to teach mixing colors.

For this activity I drew out two different versions of the Grinch to give you guys both options. It’s a very simple activity that involves little set up and very easy clean up. This would be perfect for a fun station during the classroom Christmas party. It’s so much fun seeing them get excited when the colors transform right in front of her eyes.:)

For the free download click the pictures at the bottom or the links to print.

What you will need:
The Grinch print out for you choice or both πŸ™‚ – print out on card stock
Quart size Ziploc baggy
Blue & yellow tempera or acrylic paint

To start:
Download and print out your Grinch ON CARD STOCK PAPER and then cut around to remove any white background. Place your Grinch inside the baggy and then add your paint. (I would advise to use a little more yellow than blue) Then close your baggy. Have you kiddos start mixing using their hands to completely cover their Grinch. I noticed when accidentally using too much paint you might have to wipe or pat off the excess.

Click the pictures below to download and print or click the links πŸ™‚

Grinch # 1
Grinch # 2

Thanks for stopping by!!

Gift Ideas for Him

I did my gift ideas for the ladies a couple weeks back, so I thought it was time for a post all about the men. Here is my gift ideas for him for Christmas 2017! In my opinion men are the toughest people to buy for. I’ve always struggled to find the perfect present for my dad and brother, and now I have the same problem with my husband. So I put together some of my top picks with different types of guys in mind. I wanted to make a good balance of interests from technology, music, grooming, and well…beer drinking Everything pictured is linked below with the price.

1. Amazon Fire Stick-We have one and I love it!! I highly recommend it! This goes for $39.99

2.Iphone Case-A nice phone case really makes a difference. This particular one comes in tan and black. It is $49.99.

3.Activity and Heart Rate Tracker-Love this idea for the man that wants to get more active. Defiantly a splurge gift.It goes for $149.95 and comes in four colors.

4. Beard Trimmer– This is for all the facial hair guys that want a nicely clean trimmed bread (aka my husband) Only $34.99 with 19 trim settings.

5. Wireless Headphones-This is a good girl or guy gift, in my opinion. These are perfect for all the music lovers out there. $63.99

6. Zip Pull Over-Love the look of this sweater. It comes in 7 colors. Goes for $85.00.

7. Dad Mug-Who doesn’t need a nice mug. I am all about hot drinks and love the beer keg look. This is $21.99.

8. Baseball Tee-Baseball Tee in my opinion are always flattering. This one comes in 7 different color combinations. They are only $14.99.

9. Multi use Tool Key Chain-This is a great idea. I don’t know a guy that wouldn’t like to have this on hand. This is $26.00.

10. Bone Socks-This if a fun gift. Great for laugh. These are $14.99.

11. Watch-Love the look of this watch. Good quality watch for $120.00.

12.Slippers– I think everyone should own a pair of Uggs in their life time. So comfortable and they last a long time. These are a splurge for $109.95.

13.6 Bottle Beer Cooler-I think my husband needs this. Great gift idea for the beer lovers that want to keep there drinks close at hand. This goes for $52.00.

14. 12.Giorgio Armani Cologne-My husband wears this and I had to mention it. It’s my favorite men’s cologne and wouldn’t be a true gift guide without this one. This is $94.00.

15. Hydro Flask 16 oz Pint Glass– Stan less steel, tempsheild protected, and only $24.99. Comes in 7 colors!

16.Celestron Telescope-This is for the star gazers. I got this for my husband a few years back and it is really cool. Great quality for a great price. $92.99

17. Essentials Kit– Kohls kit including face wash, lip balm, facial moisturizing treatment, conditioning wash and a travel pouch. Only $25.50

18.Wireless Portable Speaker-This is a great gift. Your favorite music goes with you wherever you go. It’s only $29.99!

I hope some of you find this helpful, as I know I could have done with a men’s gift guide many times in my life! If you have any other great gift ideas for the fellas, leave me a comment below. I would love to hear them.

Thanks πŸ™‚

Outfit: Navy, Gray & Black

It’s finally December and it’s still warm outside, well cool in the mornings and warm in the afternoons. So I wanted to put together a kind of transitional outfit for this crazy weather we are having. To transition this look to the afternoon, just switch the boots for some comfy flats and lose the vest. This is one my favorite outfit combinations for fall, a long vest over a top with leggings and boots. I’m going to be honest the top is not as long as I would like, but I loved the color combination of the navy plaid with the gray vest. Like most of my looks this one is very simple, easy, and a perfect casual fall outfit. πŸ™‚

::Outfit Details::
Top: Target (exact,similar option)
Vest:Very old (similar option) (another option)
Leggings:BCBG (similar pair)
Boots:Target (similar, another option)
Necklace: Stella & Dot (exact)
Bracelet: Kendra Scott (same style in rose gold)
Ring:Initial “m” ring (same)

Gifts Ideas for Her

Happy Black Friday!! I’m sharing some of my top picks for gift ideas for all the ladies, just in case you wanna get a head start on your Christmas shopping or just wanna shop for yourself ;). All items listed are under $100 and more than half are under $50. I defiantly have a few of these on my wish list. πŸ™‚

1.Kitty Cat Mug– also comes in black

2.Kate Spade Studs – these come in 4 different colors

3.Travel Jewelry Case– great for travel or just to keep organized

4.Knit Beanie – comes in 3 other colors

5.Aviator Sunglasses – comes in 4 different colors

6.Kate Spade Bow Tie Scarf-obsessed with this scarf, comes in a 8 different colors.

7.Kate Spade Planner– comes in 3 styles and on sale for $25.20

8.Initial Necklace– Love this gift idea, the letter even spines!

9.Kate Spade Travel Cup – on sale for $12.60

10.YSL Perfume– this is one that’s defiantly on my wish list. The smell is amazing!

11.Stella & Dot Pouf– perfect for travel

12.Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette-gorgeous palette with 12 shades

13.Leopard Clutch -great quality & goes with everything!

14.Amazing Grace Set -Love this scent. Great gift idea for only $18.00

15.Voluspa Candle-only $28.00

16.Ugg Slippers– Great for around the house. They come in 4 colors & very comfortable.

17.Liquid Lip Kit-3 Stay in place colors for $20.00

18.Stella & Dot Engravable Bracelet – you can engrave anything!!

19.Flannel Pajamas -comes is 12 different patterns and colors!

I don’t know about you, but I am hoping to knock out all of my Christmas shopping pretty quick. Wish me luck! Let me know what your favorite gift ideas are and if your ready for the holidays.

Happy Shopping!

Booties & Boots for any Budget

It’s no secret I am a sucker for a good boot. Once the weather cools down I tend to live in mostly boots or booties for the rest of year. So for all the boot lovers out there, like myself, I put together a little guide featuring some great boot & bootie options that fit anybody’s budget. I know for me I love finding a really good deal so I tend to always shop sales, but on occasion it is fun to splurge on something that you know is made well and will last you a long time. So everything pictured above is linked below so you can check them out.

Under $50
1. Cognac Knee High Boots
2. Fringe Booties
3. Hunter Green Booties
4. Over the Knee Black Boots
5.Β Taupe Booties
6. Grey Textured Ankle Bootie

Under $100
1.Cheetah Lace up Boots (come in 3 different colors)
2. Velvet Bootie
3. Black Chelsea Boots
4. Studded Red Zipper Riding Boots
5. Lace Charcoal Booties
6. Lucky Brand Booties

Splurge Worthy
1.Micheal Kors Black Boots
2.Β  Vince Camuto Split Bootie– Comes it 3 Colors!!
3. Cheetah Bootie
4. Lucky Brand Riding Boots
5. Rose Embroidered Bootie
6. Hunter Green Block Heel Bootie

Let me know which one is your favorite or what your favorite accessory is for fall.Β I personally have my eye on the tan lace up boots with cheetah. πŸ˜‰

As always thank you for stopping by and checking out my little corner of the internet.


Halloween Brownies

Happy Halloween!!

I hope everyone is having a fun and safe holiday. Personally, Halloween is my all time favorite holiday and I can’t wait to take my little one trick or treating in her little costume. This will be her third Halloween and for the past two years I have made her costume but this year we switched it up. She is dressing up as her favorite animal which is a black kitty cat or in her words a black “titty tat.” lolΒ  She has been wearing her cat costume pretty much everyday day for the past month, so it’s safe to say she is ready for Halloween. πŸ™‚

So for today’s Halloween post I wanted to pop in and do a fun treat for the holiday. They are Halloween brownies that are super simple to make, delicious, and something your kiddos will have fun making as well.

This is also a great way to use up any left over candy. πŸ™‚

::What you need::

  • 1 box of Brownie Mix
  • Candy of your choice: I used M&M’s, marsh mellows, mini Kit Kat’s, and candy corn

Follow directions on the box to make your regular brownies and then go ahead and pop them in the oven. Once they are done, take them out while they are still hot and distribute your candy all on top. This lets them melt just enough into the brownies so the candy stays in place.

Outfit: Finally Boot Weather

I’m kicking out the start of a brand new week with a casual outfit of the day. Casual and comfortable I might add. I bought this navy jacket almost a month ago and I am just now getting around to wearing it. It’s finally cooling down here in central Texas, so I am ready to bust out my fall/winter wardrobe that’s been hiding in the back of my closet.

So for this look I paired this jacket with my favorite pair of ripped skinny jeans, a white tee, and some comfy grey boots. Keeping things neutral, I added silver jewelry to go with the cool tones in this outfit. I have to say I am completely obsessed with this jacket. It fits well, it’s flattering, and it’s light weight. I can tell I’ll be wearing this one a lot this season. πŸ˜‰ To shop this look, check out the links below.

::Outfit Details::

Navy Jacket: Target Exact
White Tee: Same
Jeans:Target (old)—> Similar pair
Boots:Target (old) (Similar / Another Option)
Necklace: Stella & Dot Exact
Earrings: Stella & Dot (out of stock but here is a similar pair)
Bracelet: Kendra Scott (same here)

Affordable Fall Decor Ideas

Happy Monday!!

Instead of a Mommy post today, I was in a festive mood and wanted to do something a little different. Since it’s finally starting to feel like fall around here in central Texas (well sorta..) I wanted to do a decorating post, centered all around my favorite time of year. When it comes to Autumn, I think it takes the cake for being most peoples favorite season. From the pumpkin spiced flavored foods, the changing of the leaves, the cute clothes, the cooler weather, and all the fun activities surrounding Halloween, it’s always a fun time. For me decorating my home makes it feel even more festive this time of year. So I put together a few simple items to add to your fall decorations that stick to a similar theme that are all very affordable.

I have always been someone that loves to decorate and any excuse to switch things up in my house, I jump at the chance. The only problem is decorating can get outrageously expensive so finding affordable pieces that last is key. So all items above are linked below and are all under $29.99. So for all my frugal friends out there this is for you.

This decorating collage is also serving as my own inspirational board for my home. I love the rustic/farmhouse theme and I love that all these pieces are great for even after Halloween.

To shop all items check out the links below. πŸ™‚

1.”Give Thanks” Wooden Sign

2. “In all Things Give Thanks” Wall Decor

3. Outside Harvest Sign

4. Light up Pumpkin

5. Metallic Pumpkin Candle

6. “Life is Sweet” Candle

7. 2 Tiered Metal Tray

8. Soap and Lotion Combo

9. Wood Harvest Crate

10. Pumpkin Pillow

Thanks for stopping by!!

FREE printable for Toddlers- “All About ME”

Happy Tuesday!!

Today’s post is going to be a short one, but one I have been wanting to do for some time now. It is a free printable worksheet all about your toddler. Did I mention it’s FREE! πŸ™‚

I am a complete hoarder, when it comes to my daughter. I keep all her pictures, her drawings, I love to save it all!Β  They grow so fast, so everything little thing becomes so special. I think the toddler phase, might be my favorite stage so far. They have no filter, they’re dramatic, and they are so cute all at the same time. So I wanted to make something I could have to document everything about about this age. From favorite foods, to all the funny things they say. So I made this printable, for all the mommy’s out there to have as a keepsake. It has everything to really capture your kiddo from all the things they love, funny things they say, to even a place to put their hand prints. I think it’s something that will be really fun to look back on one day and have a laugh.

I got his ideas from back when I taught kindergarten. I loved doing these types of worksheets with my students, so I wanted to make one that was more appropriate for a two year old. I love that I can add this to her scrapbook or even laminate it and give them as gifts for the grandparents. πŸ™‚


Hope you enjoyed!! Thanks for stopping by!!