Affordable Fall Decor Ideas

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Instead of a Mommy post today, I was in a festive mood and wanted to do something a little different. Since it’s finally starting to feel like fall around here in central Texas (well sorta..) I wanted to do a decorating post, centered all around my favorite time of year. When it comes to Autumn, I think it takes the cake for being most peoples favorite season. From the pumpkin spiced flavored foods, the changing of the leaves, the cute clothes, the cooler weather, and all the fun activities surrounding Halloween, it’s always a fun time. For me decorating my home makes it feel even more festive this time of year. So I put together a few simple items to add to your fall decorations that stick to a similar theme that are all very affordable.

I have always been someone that loves to decorate and any excuse to switch things up in my house, I jump at the chance. The only problem is decorating can get outrageously expensive so finding affordable pieces that last is key. So all items above are linked below and are all under $29.99. So for all my frugal friends out there this is for you.

This decorating collage is also serving as my own inspirational board for my home. I love the rustic/farmhouse theme and I love that all these pieces are great for even after Halloween.

To shop all items check out the links below. 🙂

1.”Give Thanks” Wooden Sign

2. “In all Things Give Thanks” Wall Decor

3. Outside Harvest Sign

4. Light up Pumpkin

5. Metallic Pumpkin Candle

6. “Life is Sweet” Candle

7. 2 Tiered Metal Tray

8. Soap and Lotion Combo

9. Wood Harvest Crate

10. Pumpkin Pillow

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DIY Mercury Glass


Today’s post is a “do it yourself” project I have been wanting to try out for a while. I have seen this all over the internet and wanted to share my own tips on how I made these mercury glass vases. For my project, I used three different glass containers and one large mason jar. I really liked how these turned out, they are perfect for just simple decor ideas around the house or even centerpieces for a party or a wedding. The great part about this particular DIY is that it’s easy and takes not time at all. Did I mention it was easy?

What you will need:

Using a spot outside, place your cardboard on the ground for less mess. To start off this project, you are going to fill your spray bottle half way with water and the other half with vinegar. Give it a good shake to mix it up. Then shake up your looking glass spray paint, so your ready to start. Lay out your glass containers, evenly spread out, on top of the cardboard. Start spraying the inside and outside of each glass container. If you are using a bottle or something with a narrow opening, just coat the outside with paint.

This is the messiest part, so I suggest wearing gloves and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.

Coat each glass container entirely. Inside and out!!


Then mist your vinegar and water solution all over the inside and outside of each glass container.
Then using a paper towel or two, pat off the droplets of water and vinegar to get that vintage look. I noticed when you pat a little more vigorously the more worn it looks. Don’t forget to pat the inside as well! Now, let them dry, and you are finished!! Simple mercury glass vases that are perfect for holding flowers, candles, or even makeup brushes (like how I used mine).
 Hope this was helpful! Can’t wait to share more fun DIY projects and decor ideas.
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