Hello and Welcome

Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet! My name is Caitlin, and I live in Texas with my husband Josh and our two beautiful girls Madeline and Olivia (plus our three huge fur babies).  I am a stay at home mama by day and blogger by night. I have a degree in early childhood education from Texas State.  I have previously taught kindergarten and have worked many jobs in childcare as well as being a care giver. I am someone that doesn’t take themselves too seriously and very down to earth. I pride myself in trying to find the humor in everything. Life is too short not to learn to laugh, and to enjoy the small moments.

My blog is called ‘One Haute Mess’, because…well that pretty much sums me up. I’m not perfect, and I’ll never pretend to be. I do not have my sh*t together and that’s OK. I’m learning to embrace myself flaws and all. This space is my own personal creative outlet where I get to share my trial and errors in fashion, while trying to figure out my own personal style. I have always loved shopping and style, but I have struggled in the past and the present trying to dress my body after baby. I am sharing my everyday outfits, beauty trends, and my own personal weight struggles, and not to mention the ups and downs of motherhood. I aim to keep things very honest and real with you guys.

For me life is all about growth and that’s what I want this website to be about. Sharing my own personal journey to a stronger better me, and with that I hope you leave a little more inspired. We are all a work in progress, no one is perfect, you are not alone in this. Embrace the glorious mess that you are.


Reach me at cakeysito1208@gmail.com

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