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This is a bit of a random one, but for today’s post I wanted to share some of my Amazon finds that I have been loving recently. Some are things I’ve repurchased many times and some are new that I thought were worth sharing.

Amazon is my current obsession, like most of us, and I love finding everything I need from stuff for the house, clothing, stuff for my kids, car and everything in between. It’s truly turning into the only place I shop these days. Keep reading and you’ll find all my favorite recent finds from Amazon linked below.

1. Banilco Clean it Zero Makeup Remover– I feel like a broken record with this one, but this makeup remover is a must for me. I’ve mentioned this gem in a couple of posts back, and I can’t stop recommending it. It’s a balm that removes everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! It makes it so much easier to remove my make up at the end of day, especially if you love false lashes. I also have very sensitive skin and this is so gentle, it doesn’t dry out my skin and no weird fragrances.

2. Pearl Hoops– Love these hoops with the pearl detail. They are simple but they go with everything!

3. Dry Brush – This is a new skincare item that Ive been loving. I suffer with eczema so I use this sparingly, but when I do, I always love how my skin feels after. Side note: this is great at getting your fake tan to last longer.

4. Bomber Jacket– I love a good bomber jacket. I think they are so flattering on any body type, you can dress it up or down. This one in particular comes in so many cute patterns. It’s light weight and easy to throw on over anything. I’m obsessed with this green floral pattern, and I think I’m also going to need this in the cheetah print 😉

5. Sunglasses – Love these! My go to sunglasses that I wear constantly. They are affordable and cute. I love the gold detail on the side. They have a classic simple look and they also come in other colors.

6. Its a 10 Miracle Leave in. I’ve mentioned this one before and Ill keep mentioning it.  It’s the only hair product I will ever need. It’s just that good!! For tangles and conditioning it’s by far the best!! Use it when your hair is damp and you’ll feel a different right away.

7. Wet n Wild dewy foundation– I can’t believe I’ve found a foundation that is amazing and only $5.00!! What?!? I’ve seen so many you-tubers rave about this, but I never actually thought it would work, but it does! This is in the dewy formula and I love the way it makes my skin look. I have oily combination skin and this works for me better then the MATTE version. It goes on so evenly, its buildable, its doesn’t emphasize texture, it doesn’t clog pores. Its just the best foundation, drugstore or not. I’m in the shade shell ivory, which is a perfect match for me. So if your fair this ones great but it does come in 20 different shades!!

8. U shaped toothbrushes for children– These are the coolest things ever! It’s a toothbrush that give your gives your kids teeth a all around 360 degree clean. I don’t know about you, but it’s such a pain to get my kids to brush their teeth, but not anymore. Now they actually look forward to it. It’s a game changer for us moms!

9. Water Bottle – I love this water bottle. I tote it around everywhere with me. I actually have it in two colors. I actually lost both lids so I wanted to include that they have replacement lids and straws for sale as well.

10. Black Dress – I love this simple dress. I’m not a huge dress person, they always seem to fit weird on me but this one is real flowy and lightweight and not see through. I love pairing this dress with boots or booties. I might get it in another color.

11. Frother – This might be my new favorite kitchen gadget. I feel like I’m a little late jumping on this band wagon but here we are. If you love cream in your coffee this thing is for you. It froths your milk or creamer so easily. I also end up using it for mixing so many other drinks like hot chocolate, my electrolyte drink, crystal light, and even tomato soup (which sounds crazy) but it worked like a charm.

12. Ultima Replenisher Powder – My favorite new way of getting my electrolytes in is this deliciousness I saw from Myra @lowcarblove. It’s sugar free, keto friendly, gluten free, caffeine free, with magnesium and potassium powder. These come in individual pouches for on the go, but you can also buy the tub to make a big batch.  They have a lot of different flavors and they have no artificial sweeteners. The flavor I like the best is in pink lemonade.

13. Mop Slippers -I mean these might be the coolest things ever! You can obviously tell by the name, these are slippers that are also mops. I mean… it’s Genius!! I wear these while I clean around the house and it makes it super easy too clean the floors and it helps get my kids involved in the cleaning as well. A must have!


That is all my recent finds from Amazon, I hope you found some goodies to try, and as always thanks for stopping by!! Let me know one of your favorite Amazon finds and Ill see ya in my next post.


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