Empties// Best and Worst of Products I’ve use Up…Would I Repurchase?

Happy Wednesday!! Today I’m sharing the best and worst of all the products I’ve used up, or in other terms “‘my empties.” I have included everything from make up, skincare, hair care products, and I even through in a candle (random I know?!?) I have a few repeats of some my favorite products. If you didn’t see that post I’ll link it here.

Empties videos are some of my favorite videos to watch when it comes to makeup on YouTube. I love to see what people are really using up and what products are really worth the money. It’s also super nosy, so it’s definitely up my alley.


All products mentioned:

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Face Mask– If you haven’t noticed already I love the Clinique skincare line. This overnight moisture mask is very moisturizing without adding any more excess oil to the skin. I don’t use this everyday, it’s something that I would use only when my skin needs it. Probably once a week more so in the colder months.

Clinique Acne Clarifying Lotion– This is one of my favorite products that I have used for years. This one serves as kind of like a toner. It’s the acne solutions clarifying lotion. After I cleanse my face I use this with a cotton round focusing more on areas of my skin that is prone to break outs. It really dries out any breakouts that I might have. I only use this in my nighttime skincare routine. It’s not too harsh, it dries out any breakouts perfectly stripping this skin of its natural oils.

Clinique dramatically different gel– I also mentioned this one in my favorites. I definitely have oily/combination skin, so to keep my skin hydrated without adding more oils, this is what I use. It’s a gel formula, very light weight feeling on the skin.  I use this in my morning and night time skincare routine. Its been a staple of mine for years. Definitely a repurchase.

St Tropez shower tanning cream– I tend to love the San Tropez tanning products, but this one didn’t impress me. I really struggled with getting my skin to look any tanner after using it. You apply it in the shower, wait 3 minutes, and then rinse off. But I didn’t see a change in my skin at all. I tried many times to get this product to work but it just felt like a lot of work for nothing. So I won’t be repurchasing this one.

Airspun loose powder-This product is also one I mentioned in my favorites. This powder is a very popular one, it’s been around for a very long time. It’s a simple loose powder that really sets your make up in place. The only complaint I think most people have is the smell. It has a very intense smell but its a great powder. On my repurchase list.

Argan Hair Mask – Could not find this product to link too, which is probably a good ting. Defiantly my least fav of the bunch. I purchased this at TJ max and I was so disappointed. I’m always looking for a great hair mask and I had high hopes for this one but I didn’t notice any conditioning going on with my hair. I still used it all up to give it a fair shot but didn’t change the condition of my hair at all.

Pixie eye detoxify patches– These are also included in my favorites. They work so well I highly recommend them. The best eye patches Ive tried. They have a jelly-like consistency,and contain caffeine and cucumber. Put them in the fridge and put them on in the morning, you’ll thank me later.

Clinique eye rolling cream– I really like the way that you can apply this eye cream with the applicator it comes with, but I still prefer the all about eyes cream from Clinique. It was not as moisturizing, so this one I will not be a repurchase.

Bath & Body works candle in “cactus blossom”– This is random but I included one of my favorite candles that I used up over the summer. It’s from Bath & Body works in the smell ‘cactus blossom” is one of my absolute favorites. it’s a very sweet slightly floral smell that’s perfect for summer. Definitely going to get this one again.

Elf hydrating camo concealer– One of my favorite drugstore concealers. There’s one that comes in a black cap that is not hydrating that has more of a matte finish. This one blends a bit better and sets into the skin really nicely. It has a medium coverage and it’s definitely not drying in any way. I love when I can find a drugstore concealer that works for my skin.

St. Ives body wash shea butter– This is technically a beauty product right? I love to try different body washes even though I have sensitive skin I have to be very careful and this one worked well with my skin and I love the smell as well. Definitely would buy again.

It cosmetics CC cream in shade “fair light”– One of my absolute favorite foundations. It’s a medium to full coverage and very build able. It has 50 SPF. The only complaint is they have a limited shade range. I’ve gone through a few of these already I would definitely repurchase again.

Tanning moose– This one I’m still on the fence about, just because I don’t think my technique with self tanners is on par. The struggle is real. Its a foam tanning product that has a great smell, you can’t see it when you apply so you have to be thorough as you apply it. I am so fair I came out looking streaky on my legs.


Pixie Double Cleanse – This was my go to face cleaner for awhile. One side was a balm and the other a cream. I love the balm side. It takes off every bit of make up but the cream side didn’t seem to do any cleansing.  So this wont be a repurchase. I have found one I love that I mentioned in my favorites.

Physicians formula powder bronzer in “bronze” I was so sad about running out of this bronzer. I love the way it looks on my skin, I feel like I didn’t mention this in the video but it has a very neutral looking appearance. You can blend it in really well, I love the smell of it and it wasn’t too orangey. I doesn’t have any shimmer. Its just the perfect bronzer to me.   You can definitely use it as a contour or just to bronze up the skin. I think they come in 4 or 5 different shades this one is just simply and bronzer. I love the physicians formula line so I definitely would repurchase.

Neutrogena makeup removing wipes– I love these!!I love using makeup wipes for touch ups or even cleaning my makeup products. I used them on my skin if Im in a bind but they are so handy to have. I also love the scent they have in the purple package.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Face Wash– This is one of my go-to’s that I also mentioned in my favorites. Excuse all the repeat, but it’s truly what I use. I love Neutrogena face washes but this one in particular really seems to clean my skin. It does exactly what it says. I’ve tried a lot of different face washes that were very expensive and this is one I always go back too. I know it will clean my skin and it pairs well with any other toners or face products I might be using.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel – This is something that I actually really enjoyed using. It’s got a really cool bright blue jelly-like consistency. It was a really nice product, my only pet peeve was that it was kind of expensive for being a drugstore moisturizer. You get 1.7 oz for 18$.69 and for Neutrogena I thought was a little up there. But other than the price, it was a great moisturizer.

Dove Dry Shampoo– This one I saw everyone raving about and I was really excited to try it, but after using it all up and don’t think Ill be repurchasing just because I like the Batiste dry shampoo so much more, if we are talking drugstore prices.

Garnier Micellar Water – Loved how this worked!! This was my first time using Micellar water to remove my makeup, and I really  liked how it removed my make up. I ended up finding a make up remover I like even better, so I ended up using this to clean my makeup brushes. I actually would recommend doing that because it really worked. Using it too take the color off before using soap to wash your brushes, was a game changer.



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