Handbags for Summer that I’m Currently Loving

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I’m still trying to keep my days in order. Summer is officially here, which I still can’t believe it’s already the end of June. Is anyone else feeling like these pandemic days just drag on, but then the months fly by? Or is it just me? I hope everyone is staying safe out there and trying to stay positive during this crazy time. I know for me it’s been a lot of ups and downs but we are getting through it together.

Anyways, on a much lighter note I wanted to post something I haven’t done in quite a while. Which is an outfit post. I love sharing outfit ideas, it’s usually what I love to look up on Instagram or on other blogs. But to be quite honest after having my second baby it’s been a challenge, to say the least, to dress my new curves. And I know so many other mamas who feel the exact same. So I wanted to start featuring different outfit ideas, along with wardrobe pieces for all my curvy girls out there. Even if you don’t go anywhere, or you feel like you don’t deserve to dress nice for the time being, just remember it’s good to put your self together everyday. I’m slowly learning this myself.

 So for this outfit post it’s all about this fun summer handbag trend. The straw, rattan, or bamboo trend that is a simple look to jazz up any outfit. I paired two of my favorites bags with this super comfy dress that is my new favorite piece in my closet. Handbags are what I like to call “my safe items”, because they will never do you wrong. If you gain or lose weight, that purse will still fit you. 😉 So accessories are always a good way to switch things up. These purses go so well with any summer outfit. They’re that perfect neutral you can pair with a dress, like I have here, or in your bathing suit sipping a margarita on the beach….that sounds pretty good right now 😉

For more outfit details check the links below.


Amazon Maxi Dress


Found this dress on Amazon and I love it!! When I find something I love I tend to buy it in multiple colors, so I will most likely be getting this one in another shade. 😉  To give you a bit of reference I am 5’3 and wearing a large. It does fit true to size, and I defiantly needed the help of some wedges so I wasn’t walking all over the dress.


Summer Handbags


What I love about having any kind of large tote (especially being a mom) is that I can fit everything in it. No need for a diaper bag when your can hold everything in this sucker. This tote is from Target and it goes with me everywhere. I feel like these two types of bags are my two go-to sizes. I’m either lugging around a huge “fill ‘er upper” kind of bag or a small cross body bag that is easy to carry. This cross-body is the perfect size and I love the cantine shape.


Summer Handbag

Summer Handbags


Outfit details:

Dress: Over the shoulder Maxi Dress —> $28.99 (comes in other colors & prints) Fits true to size

Necklace: Shells & Pendant Necklace —> $16.99

Wedges: Target Espadrille Wedges —-> 34.99

Purse: Handwoven Round Rattan Bag —->$26.99

Bracelet: Stella & Dot (old)—( similar option , another option)


Summer Handbags


1. Straw Circle Tote    2. Straw Circle Crossbody Bag    3. Blush Straw Tote

4. Straw Tote     5. Round Tote    6. Bamboo Handbag

7. Circle Straw Crossbody     8. Rattan Straw Flag Crossbody    9. Woven Canteen Bag



Stay tuned for more fashion posts & as always thanks for stopping by!


As a dear reader I want you to know this post contains affiliate links. This means that when you shop through my links, I may earn a small commission, which helps make this blog possible. Thank you for your support!

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