Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020

Today’s post is all about gifts for Dad. I’ve rounded up some Father’s Day gift ideas from the sports loving/outdoorsy types of Dads, to the tech savvy Dads that love a good gadget. Now I don’t know about you, but I have the hardest time shopping for men in general, and for Dads it seems extra difficult. So I put together a lot of great gift ideas categorized by certain hobbies or interests. Check out it all out below, everything pictured is linked.


Some of my favorite gifts to give are the sentimental ones, and for Dad it’s no different. Putting a picture in a frame or even on T-shirt is always a good gift idea. Another great gift that I love giving is making a gift basket full of all the things they love. I included many smaller items here that are affordable and that could be put together as a BIG gift for Dad.


1.Watch   / 2.Coupons for Dad /  3. Army Knife /  4. Weighted Blanket  /

5. Wine Cork   / 6. Portable Radio  / 7. Beard Balm  /  8. House Shoes

9. Wallet  /  10. Ice Cubes  /   11. T-Shirt  /  12. Mug

/ 13. Picture Frame   /  14. Wallet for phone  / 15. Beer Coozy   / 16. Beer Glasses with wooden tray


If I’ve learned anything is that Dad’s love their hobbies. My Dad and my husband both have their own unique hobbies that make them happy, so finding something that fits within their hobby is always a win! So I made three separate gift guides to help you find that special gift he’ll love that’s right up his alley.




1. Camera Lens Set  2. Fitbit  3. Head phones  4. Electric Shaver  5. Wireless Charging Pad

6. Dash mount for phone  7. Video Doorbell  8. Stunt Drone  9. Go Pro  10. Tooth Brush






1. Golf Flex Tees  2. Dart Board Set  3. Badminton Kit  4. Outside Tumbling Blocks  5. Scoreboard

6. Sling Ball  7. Baseball Trainer Net  8. Spike Ball  9. Pro Golf Balls  10. Baseball Catapult



1. Hydration Pack  2. Fan  3. Portable Stove  4. Lantern  5. Cast Iron Pot

6. Inflatable Cooler  7. Compass  8. Tent  9. 5 Gallon Water Carrier Cube  10. 30 Can Cooler


 I hope these helped you get an idea of what to get your Dad for this Father’s Day.

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