Mothers Day Gift Guide 2020

Happy “whatever day this is,” this quarantine has got me more scatterbrained than usual. I hope everyone is staying healthy and sane during this crazy time. It’s looking like Mothers day is going to be a little different this year, staying at home, but have no fear, I put together a gift guide for all the mamas out there. Since we are not out shopping, I wanted to share some gift ideas that can be ordered online today, so gifts come in just in time for mothers day. I’m mentioning everything from beauty items, to gifts that will also help her relax, because I think we could all use that right now.

Everything pictured is linked below, and many of the items are on SALE!!! 😉




Pajamas  — So I think most of us that are staying home are currently living in pajamas (or is that just me 🙂 Here are a nice pair from Nordstroms that  are comfortable currently %40 off with 2 other colors to choose from.

Candle  — I don’t know about y’all but staying home everyday and trying to clean while everyone is around is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreo’s, it’s impossible! So to have a nice candle lite to mask the smell of children, dogs, and a husband who works outside all day is a must. This one is a best seller!!

Face Roller — I love this thing! I have this exact one and I use it all the time. At first I thought this was such a weird trend, but it actually works. Its cooling so it calms down swelling in the skin and helps promote circulation in the face. Only $15.00

Journal — I feel like you can’t go wrong with a notebook. I am a lover of paper. I think most of us ladies like to have something to constantly jot stuff down in. Wether it’s a “to do” list or writing down groceries for the week, we use them up. This one is from Amazon for $11.99.

Perfume —  A nice scent is always a great gift. It’s something you can splurge a little on, and it’s something that lasts a long time. This one is a much lighter & softer scent from the regular channel 5  fragrance

Blanket  — Another cozy item I love having around the house is a nice cozy blanket. This one comes in 3 other colors and is super soft. Perfect for Netflix and chilling while being quarantined

Earrings — These are simple classic studs every woman should have. They go with everything and will last you forever. They come in the gold backing as well as silver.

Phone Case — I’m a mama who loves her phone!! Anyone else?? And a good phone case is essential. Phones are so expensive these days, it’s worth it to have a good phone case to keep it protected and these are super cute 😉

Make up Brushes — If you can’t tell most of these are for the mamas who like the girly girl stuff. This gift idea is defiantly for the mamas who enjoy makeup, and a good set of makeup brushes is something we won’t normally go out and buy for ourselves. These comes with a total of 12 brushes with rose gold details.

Jewelry Tray — A sweet saying for mom and holds jewelry. Double duty if you ask me. She’ll be able to always see these sweet words everyday when takes on and off her most worn jewelry.

Bracelet  — Ok in almost every gift guide I do mention Kendra Scott, but what can I say, her jewelry is big deal in the south. There are so many to choose from and this one in particular is one that will go with everything. I love that you can adjust to fit any size wrist.

Mug & warmer — Like many of us mamas our coffee is very important to us. And if your any thing like me I have to reheat my coffee over and over some mornings. So I thought this was perfect for all the coffee loving mamas out there.

Jewel Tone Eye shadow — I love these! They caught my eye immediately. I know many of us aren’t’ wearing makeup right now but when this is all over these are perfect for the mama who loves wearing make up. Currently $39.83 with 40% off.

Silk Pillow Case  — A beauty splurge item. Sleeping on silk, gives a fresher look when you wake up. Helps wrinkles, less frizz and bed hair & it also helps if you have allergies.

Purse — I know I’m not the only one that loves getting a new bag. This one is from Sole Society and is currently %40 off. FYI It’s cheaper on the Nordstroms website! Also comes in black.

House Shoes — I love a good house shoe. I live in them when I’m home, and I’m currently always home, so a new pair of these sounds really nice. These are a more affordable pair from Amazon and are currently only $23.99 and they come in 4 other colors.

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know what’s on your wish list for mothers day.



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  1. Bob Freeman
    07/25/2020 / 7:55 pm

    Great website! I really like your photos!

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