Our Family is Growing!! Baby #2 is on the way

Sorry for the lack of posts, but as you can tell by the title I have been a little preoccupied. Life is about to get even busier with our growing family!  It’s been a long time coming, so we’re so excited and grateful to announce that Baby #2 is due this November! I might add that the due date is shockingly close to the same due date I had with Madeline. Crazy timing!!

Pregnancy So Far
I am currently 16 weeks along and so far so good. I defiantly felt my energy levels draining in the the first trimester and I have to say this time around has been so different than with my last pregnancy. I felt a slight bit of nausea for the first couple months, but thankfully I never threw up, and it went away around 10 weeks. Exhaustion, on the other hand, persisted until about a week ago.  I was so tired after 2pm everyday, and it was killing me that I couldn’t be as productive as I wanted to be. I’m so thankful that I’m more or less back to normal energy levels now, just in time for summer! Now that I am finally starting to feel like myself again. I have started the nesting phase organizing and re-organizing whatever I can around the house. They say every pregnancy is different, it’s so true. The most challenging part of this pregnancy so far is the changes in my allergies. Still trying to figure it out, but so far using any kind lipstick gives me an allergic reaction. (Weird,I know) So for now it’s just good ole Chapstick.


The Bump + Maternity Wardrobe
My belly has defiantly popped in the past 2 weeks and especially pops even more after dinner. 😉 I’ve learned it seems to be best to eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day, to avoid that uncomfortable full feeling.
As for clothing options, I’ve been crafting a maternity capsule wardrobe list, even though I’ll be going through the same trimesters and belly phases when I was pregnant with Maddie, I was a different size 4 years ago and some of what I have doesn’t fit like it did. So I am on the hunt for some amazing maternity finds for summer going into fall. I’m determined to find the best basics, mixed with a few statement pieces. All of which I will share on my blog. Mainly how I stay on a budget and how to find great, comfortable pieces for everyday. Key word being comfortable 😉


Maddie’s reaction to the baby news
Sadly, Maddie is not excited about becoming a big sister. She is slowly warming up to the idea but so far she’s not happy about it. We didn’t tell her until I was 12 weeks along, because you know, toddlers can’t keep secrets, and until we were out of the first trimester just in case of any complications. I know in time she’ll love being a big sister and will be great at it. Some days she says, “No, I don’t want a baby” and then other days she’s kissing and hugging my belly. So only time will tell how she does, but I’ll keep ya posted on any changes in that department.


So excited to finally be posting back on my blog. I hope to post more regularly throughout this pregnancy though I can’t promise anything as sometimes life does get in the way, especially now as it’s going to get busier! But I do miss blogging, so I promise not to completely disappear. Let me know what kind of posts you’d like to see while I navigate through this pregnancy and I hope you’ll follow me on this new journey!

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