Coloring Mixing Grinch Painting

Happy Monday!! I am so excited to finally post this! It’s been a while since my last, what I like to call, “mommy” post or kid friendly post I should say. I was totally inspired by Sheryl from Teaching 2 and 3 year olds for this fun activity. It’s all about a no mess painting that is fun and educational for your little one. I love the idea that this is a hands on activity but all the mess is contained in a Ziploc baggy.This was a definite hit with my three year old daughter. We did this about a week ago and she is still talking about it. It’s a great way to teach mixing colors.

For this activity I drew out two different versions of the Grinch to give you guys both options. It’s a very simple activity that involves little set up and very easy clean up. This would be perfect for a fun station during the classroom Christmas party. It’s so much fun seeing them get excited when the colors transform right in front of her eyes.:)

For the free download click the pictures at the bottom or the links to print.

What you will need:
The Grinch print out for you choice or both 🙂 – print out on card stock
Quart size Ziploc baggy
Blue & yellow tempera or acrylic paint

To start:
Download and print out your Grinch ON CARD STOCK PAPER and then cut around to remove any white background. Place your Grinch inside the baggy and then add your paint. (I would advise to use a little more yellow than blue) Then close your baggy. Have you kiddos start mixing using their hands to completely cover their Grinch. I noticed when accidentally using too much paint you might have to wipe or pat off the excess.

Click the pictures below to download and print or click the links 🙂

Grinch # 1
Grinch # 2

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