Mommy Monday: 6 Easy Toddler Girl Hairstyles

One of my favorite things about having a daughter is getting to doll her up, but sometimes knowing what to do with her hair can be a challenge. Her hair is very fine, and straight, so putting it up helps keep it out of her face and keep it from getting dirty. I’ll admit I am not the greatest when it comes to doing hair, so when I am doing hers I stick to easy basic looks. These are 6 hairstyles I wanted to share because they are easy, cute, and take up very little time. If I can do them, so can you! To get these looks I used a detangler, a tiny bit of baby lotion, a brush, a comb, and clear hair ties. (I use the tiny bit of baby lotion to tame any fly a ways or baby hairs in the front )

Hope this was helpful, let me know which one is your favorite. 🙂


1. Top Knot
2. Classic Braid


3. Fun Pig tails

4. High Pony Tail with a Braid

5. Half up with a Twist
6. Pig Tails

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