Bring on the New Year


My first post in 2017!! My News Year’s Resolutions.

Yes, I know this post is almost a week late, but better late than never, right? This year I decided to make 5 resolutions that were definitely more manageable than ones I’ve made in the past. They’re each small steps I can do to get to a bigger goal in mind. After all, life is all about the little successes.
I am finally getting around to posting this today because my News Years celebration had to be put on hold this year. On New Year’s eve I came down with a cold followed by daughter, and now my husband. So fireworks, drinks, and resolutions had to wait for the time being. Not only did I spend most of New Years day in bed, but my drink of choice was Sprite and a big dose of  NyQuil. Now that this cold has seem to have subsided (I hope) I can get back to my everyday life. So without further a due, here are my 5 resolutions for 2017.
1. Eat Healthy 5 Days a Week
This is a big one, and one I think most people make every year and break within a few days. Making it 5 days a week of healthy eating instead of 7 makes it a little more manageable and not feel as if your depriving yourself. That is usually where my diets tend to fail. When I feel deprived, I get discouraged and fall of the diet completely. So no dieting, no programs, just eating what I know is healthy and what I also enjoy. It’s all about finding that balance.
2. Drink More Water
 This might just be the hardest one out of all 5 resolutions. It’s sad but true. I am a lover of many types of beverages and water is not one of them. If you noticed I didn’t specify an exact amount of water to drink daily, just MORE. More water everyday than what I usually drink. Adding that baby step will get me this _  much closer to my end goal.
3.Work Out 4x a Week
 Starting off with something as simple as walking everyday and then increasing the workouts as time goes on, is my plan of action. Starting small but ending strong. I think most resolutions this year if not all, are to work out and eat right. I am no exception. After having a child and getting older your body doesn’t bounce back the way it used too. So these baby steps are key to getting on the right track to feel and look better. I’m not looking for a quick fix but a full lifestyle change.
4. Be Kinder to Myself
I think as a woman and a mom we constantly compare ourselves to others, trying to better ourselves in all facets of our lives. Trying to be the best mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter that you can be and sometimes it’s exhausting. So I wanted to make this a resolution to stop being so hard on myself, not try to be perfect, just be myself and to not worry so much.
5. Feed My Creative Self
I am someone that gets a kick out being creative. Whether it’s decorating, drawing, writing, cooking, or putting together an outfit, being creative is something that I truly love to do. Writing this blog is one of my creative outlets, but it’s hard to always make that a priority. So this year, that is a big goal of mine. Explore every creative idea and make it come to life. 🙂
Hope you enjoyed my 5 New Years resolutions. Let me know what your resolutions are or if you are starting a little late in the game like me. 😉
I am looking forward to a great 2017!!



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