DIY Fall Wreath

Since it has been awhile since my last DIY post, I thought I would share a fun, and festive fall wreath (try to say that three fast) just in time for the Halloween season. It’s very easy to make and very affordable, and everything can be found at Hobby Lobby. Below is everything you’ll need and how to put this all together. 🙂

What you need:
Wreath (18 in. circumference)
2 ft of Black Burlap
3 Flowers
3 strands of the silver berry garland (in the Christmas aisle)
1 Wooden Letter
Paint of your choice ( I used orange & white acrylic paint)
2 Pant Brushes
Twist Ties
Glue Gun
Penny + Pencil (to trace out circles- optional)
1. Trace out circles using your penny onto your letter in the desired pattern. Then paint around the circles in the color of your choice, let dry, then paint inside the circles. Then apply a second coat. This part is optional. It would still look cute with stripes or smaller circles or even one solid color. It’s up to you!
2. Next lay out your wreath and place the burlap the way you would like it. Then add your flowers by pushing them through the burlap and into the wreath. Add your berry stands the same way. Use twisty ties to secure the burlap, flowers, and berry garland to the wreath (without them showing). Use scissors to cut off any excess pieces that are sticking out.

3. Then, lay out your wreath and find out where you want your letter to go. Then hot glue the letter onto the wreath and press it down for 20 to 30 seconds to secure it in place. Then you are finished!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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