Mini Cherry Cheesecakes

It’s yet another food post. This is blog is slowly turning into a food blog, what can I say I’m a true foodie. I love finding recipes for all kinds of events, and this one in particular is the best for a party or family get together. These little pies are super simple to make and easy to double up if need be. I think I requested these from my mom when I was pregnant every time I saw her. They really satisfy your sweet tooth. 🙂


What you will need:
1 Block of cream cheese (room temp)
1 Can of Eagle Brand Milk
1/3 Cup Lemon Juice
1 Tsp Vanilla
1 Can of Cherry Pie Filling
Mini Ready Graham Cracker Crusts

Add the cream cheese, lemon juice, eagle brand milk and vanilla into a bowl. Mix well!! Then add your ingredients to your mini graham cracker crusts. Top them off with the cherry pie filling.





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