DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

I’ll be the first to say, that I am a little bit obsessed with makeup. I love taking that little time out of my day to put myself together, and a big part of that is the makeup application. It’s my “me” time, as I like to call it, and a huge part of wearing makeup is keeping it all clean. I have extremely sensitive skin and I stay away from using all different types of makeup brush cleaners. There are so many types of cleaners out there that have tons of chemicals inside them that stay in your brush and eventually end up on your face. So what I like to do to deep clean of my makeup brushes is to use baby shampoo once a week, but for travel or a quick clean it’s good to have a spot cleaner on hand. I put together a simple solution for all those sensitive skin people out there, that really works.
Oh, and did I mention its super affordable!!
What you will need:
Baby Shampoo
Witch Hazel
Travel Spray bottle (mine is from CVS)
-Fill your bottle up with 75% water
-10% alcohol
-10% witch hazel
-add 4 drops of baby shampoo

Now shake it up

To clean you brush spray the cleaner on you paper towel or tissue and rub your brush into the solution for a quick spot clean. 🙂
After a quick clean, that takes seconds, this is my result. I hope this was helpful for some of my sensitive skin people out there. As always thank you for stopping by!!

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