Eyeshadow Nail Polish

After mindlessly searching on Pinterest I stumbled upon the coolest trick for painting your nails I had ever seen, using eye shadow as a nail polish. I had to try this. It took me a few attempts to see how to get it to really work for me. Here is two to techniques that I tried.

1.One way to do this

For this method you will need:
Plastic spoon (to mix your new color)
Plastic knife (to scratch off the eye shadow)
Clear polish
Eye shadow (mine is MAC in cranberry)

Mix the clear polish with your eye shadow. It does work but the nail polish brush drys fast with the eye shadow in it, so fast that it gets ruined. I tried soaking it in nail polish remover, didn’t work. I tried using water, didn’t work. I ended up putting it back in the clear nail polish. You can see in the picture the eye shadow fell to the bottom and now the clear polish has a bit of color in it. 🙁 So if you have a little less clear polish  that you need to use up, then this method is good for that.

This was the final result. I liked it, but you do end up using more eye shadow, and it comes out more shiny than glittery (if your using a glittery eye shadow).
2. The other way to do this 
(which I prefer)
What you will need:
 Makeup sponge
Clear polish

Eye shadow (mine is MACs honey lust)
I also used OPI Cajun shrimp on my other nails

Apply the clear polish on your clean nail and then quickly dab a triangular sponge into the eye shadow (you only need a little). Then dab it on your nail while its still wet. Just a couple of dabs on your nail will do, otherwise it will smear and wont look right. Then apply another clear coat to seal it. Loved this technique the best. You use less eye shadow, less mess, and the color comes out closer to the actual eye shadow color.

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