DIY – Letter Painting

Ive been so excited to make this painting for a while. I made this for my daughters room but any type of stencil or other colors will still give you the same effect.  Check out this super easy DIY art project that anyone can do.
What you will need:
Canvas (any size will work)
3 to 4 paint colors (acrylic)
credit card
one paint brush
letter cut out or stencil
paper plate
paper towels


Check out my first video where I show how I put it together!

Using a credit card or old gift card, dip the edge into the paint any way you like a making small strokes or little x’s all over. This technique gives a really cool texture. Once its dry it is time to add your stencil, trace, then paint your design. 🙂 Then let it dry again and your done !
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