Outfit : Long Vest

Shirt: White stretch long sleeves tee (target)
Vest: Boutique (same in black)
Pants: Black skinny’s from Target
Boots: Target (similar)
Necklaces: Local Boutique (cute)
Happy Leap Year!
I hope everyone is having a great extra day of the year! Here where I live we are still having a little bit of schizophrenic weather. One week its sunny and beautiful then the next it’s cold with 20 mile an hour winds. This outfit fits those unexpected cold days. Super comfy, not to hot but keeps you warm on those windy days. I love this vest that I got on a fluke shopping day. I found it with my mom in a random boutique on a 8 hour road trip. We both saw it and we had to have it. Its a one size fits all and a gorgeous green/blue color.  It’s real cozy and can wrap in the front. On the website they only have it in black and taupe (I might have to buy both of them). 😉
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